Since 1722


Since 1722, the vine has been to the Robert family what the pen has meant to the writer: the means of expressing a unique form of art whose primary need is to glorify nature.

Nearly three centuries after the first deed of ownership was established by Robert Le Jeune, the Robert family still cultivates vines at Fossoy, on the slopes of the Marne Valley.

At first under Andre’s impetus and then under that of Alain Robert, the family estate has become Champagne A. Robert. Each generation has passed on their respect for tradition, without being stuck in the past – so tradition fuses with modernity. The savoir-faire learnt over the generations has led to an insistence upon quality above everything else.

Today, Arnaud Robert follows the family tradition. A Robert champagnes continue to captivate through their elegance and subtlety.

The Vineyards


The vineyards of the Champagne A. Robert estate, spread out from the Marne Valley to the Côte des Blancs. There are 68 plots of which several hold Premier Cru status and there are 3 grape varieties… the great diversity of these terroirs leading to a better selection of grapes.

The terroir of the prestigious Côte des Blancs brings freshness and finesse, a real touch of elegance. The noble terroir of the Marne Valley gives power and complexity. A. Robert champagnes derive their personality from this subtle blend, created with the greatest care, resulting in delightful harmony.

Observing nature’s demands, we look after the vines every day, from winter pruning to manual harvesting in late summer. At all times we use as natural a process as possible: tilling the soil, using cover crops, anf generally respecting nature.

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The grapes we vinify come solely from our vineyards.



A meticulous selection of grapes, the birth of the wine in our vats, the complex blending process followed by long years spent aging in our cellars, these are some of the many stages which we master in the most minute detail.

While our wines are made using traditional champagne methods, we also keep up with technological developments. The understanding of our terroirs and the family’s deep experience in blending mean that champagnes from A Robert are valued for their many excellent qualities.

When it comes to creating the blends, time is our ally. That is why our champagnes are allowed to age for significantly longer than the legal minimum. This aging period is indispensable to allow the wines to develop their complexity to the full.